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SR: Kurokawa by kibapoo
SR: Kurokawa

 Kurokawa Yoru
Species: Oni
Age: 121
Height/Weight: 178cm/66 kg
Gender: Male
Occupation: Guest

-Exceeding Physical Capability
Yoru is physically strong to a decree. He can lift and crush things with ease, such as rocks and vases. He's not as strong as others of his kind but he is stronger than other types of spirits and humans as well. As an oni he carries around a club but does not need it away from work. 
Yoru can shapeshift, a given ability of an oni, but only into things he has seen before. His ability is not very powerful yet which is why he is only able to morph into basic things. 
Yoru has an insane amount of energy and expends it all on practicing and perfecting his shape shifting ability. By the end of the day he is almost empty and dry because of his intense training. 

As a young youkai, Yoru doesn't know much about himself. He is obedient to those above him because he believes they can teach him a thing or two. He will listen to orders and do so for praise or a pat on the head because he craves attention. He like to take chances for improvement; anything to make him a better oni. The thing he hates the most is sitting around doing nothing, it makes him frantic and anxious. 
Yoru is pretty peaceful but he makes sure he is aware of his surroundings at all times despite his deadpan gazes. When faced with something new or different, he likes to ask questions repeatedly because he doesn't understand much about the world and curiosity gets the better of him.    
Meeting new people is fun for him and he will probably follow them around to get to know them better.//interns as a tanuki for a week 
He also does not get grossed out easily and is fascinated with guro and disgusting hobbies. He will stick his hands in a pile of dead bodies because they're interesting..........weird
Yoru's morals are very interchangeable, as he is easily persuaded. He doesnt know boundaries of "right" and wrong" and keeps learning new things every day. He will weigh both and go with the choice that seems more convenient. 

As a young oni not too many years ago, Yoru's parents were very strict and only allowed him to do what he wanted seldom. Without much freedom, he didn't know much about the world, only staying home and unable to move about. He was an obedient child; afraid his parents will feel anger, resentment and disappointment towards him.  His parents were very busy with work and left him alone in the house to take care of himself as an oni child. They thought he should be able to take care of himself since onis were known to be strong and independent. This would surely toughen their son for the outside world. The only entertainment he received were the occasional animals in the yard. Unable to quite grasp what they were exactly, he followed what he thought was a fox, (which turned out to actually be a mischievous spirit) and broke one of his two horns on his head. He tripped over a rock and fell into a tree trying to chase it, snapping his horn off y_u.
When his parents found his broken horn taped to his head (he thought they wouldnt notice _(:3), they felt such embarrassment and forced him to wear an oni mask; "This is what an oni should be! Scary yet brave and strong." Yoru's parents were embarrassed and had him wear it whenever he would be in public. It was a disgrace. The strict rules got even more strict and he was not even allowed in the backyard without supervision. Alone as he grew up older, he never really found himself or who he was suppose to be. Proper guidance from his parents would only be in his dreams. When home alone, he would read from books and try to hone his practically nonexistant abilities such as shapeshifting.  Even as a young adult, Yoru wavered with resolve as an Oni. He was not sure how to act like one as his parents frequently told him to be but never showed him how. He mostly spent his days in his room, staring out the window. But another chance had come into his life when another fox showed up in his backyard again. Angered by past events that shamed him, he began throwing rocks at it and killing it this time. He wasn't sure if it were a spirit or an actual fox so in order to know for sure, he sliced it open with his long fingernails and took a closer look inside. His parents found him in the yard again, against their wishes and kicked him out of their home. 
After a few years of living on his own, he eventually got hold of his abilities after practicing repeatedly and became more confident and built up courage. He tried to look on the bright side of things and does occasionally have strikes of deep sadness and anger. Now willing to show his parents what he can do now, he travels back home before finding an invitation on the ground.  (gomen for this poop _(:37L)_)

What is your character's reason for deciding to accept the invitation?
After finding the invitation Yoru took the offer to visit the inn. He hopes to find guidance in becoming a good oni and also learning about the world around him. He's an active and curious boy so exploring and learning more about the spirits around him will help him gain knowledge. He also wishes to show his parents that he is competent and that he is better off outside than being jailed in his own home. The training took a toll on him and he actually needed to relax CRIES.

Roleplay Example [compulsory]:
Yoru watched the birds fly onto a near by branch. They were taunting him day in and day out as if they know he could not leave the house. He hated the way they flew with grace and with a sense of overwhelming freedom. Envious of the birds, he left the window and went to practice on his shape shifting. He hadn't known that onis could shape shift until the burning desire to soar like the birds awakened his ability while he slept. Awake and in a panic, he was in a body not like his own and after a closer look, it had to be a dream because he possessed the beloved wings that he so envied. But with a few blinks of the eye, his wings were gone as his arms and hands began to take form. It hadn't hit him yet, but he slowly began to realize that he could transform into other objects and beings.

I'm so gomen
///applies last minute

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